Pre-packed well screen | Wire Wrapped Pre Packed Sand Screen

Pre Packed Sand Screen contains perforated base pipe, inner and outer screen jackets and graded sand between the jackets. It is a modification of wire wrapped screen which is used in well sorted sand or stand-alone completion. Graded sand, with or without resin coating, is considered as a filter for reservoir particles.

Wire wrapped pre Pre Packed Sand Screen is used in wells where conventional gravel packing is not feasible or economical. The thickness of gravel layer can be varied to meet special requirement.

What Is the Function of Gravel Pack?

Gravel packing is one of popular sand-control technique used in oil, water and gas wells. It stabilizes the borehole and filters the sand from the flow, only allowing very fine particles in. Pre Packed Sand Screen wire wrapped sand screen brings it into full play in maximizing production as well as controlling the sand.


Diameter: 168mm
Material: stainless steel,carbon steel,etc
Slot: 0.2mm
End Connection: thread,coupling,etc
thickness: 10mm

Base Pipe Gravel Pack Perforations Screen
OD (in.) ID (in.) Weight (lbs.) Coupling OD (in.) Thickness (in.) Size (in.) Holes/ft. OD (in.) Cylinder Area (sq. in./ft) 006 GA Inlet Area (sq. in./ft)
1.9 1.61 2.75 2.2 0.144 3/8 84 2.72 102.49 6.46
2.063 1.75 3.25 2.5 0.144 3/8 84 2.883 108.63 6.84
2.375 1.99 4.6 2.875 0.144 3/8 96 3.195 120.39 7.58
2.875 2.44 6.4 3.5 0.144 3/8 108 3.695 139.23 8.77
3.5 2.99 9.2 4.25 0.144 3/8 132 4.32 162.78 10.26
4 3.55 9.5 4.5 0.144 3/8 144 4.82 181.62 11.44
4.5 4 11.6 5 0.144 3/8 156 5.32 200.46 12.63
5 4.41 15 5.563 0.144 3/8 168 5.82 219.3 13.82

What is Pre-packed Well Screen and application?

Pre-Pre Packed Sand Screen is a type of well screen used to filter water from a well. It is used to prevent sand and other debris from entering the well and clogging the pump. Pre-packed well screens are an important component of a well system and should be carefully chosen for each well based on the characteristics of the well and the well’s purpose.

A pre-packed well screen is a filter that is installed at the bottom of the well. The filter consists of a cylindrical pipe made of metal or plastic that is perforated with small holes. The holes are small enough to allow water to pass through, but too small for sand or other debris to pass through. The filter is then packed with a material such as gravel, sand, or other material that is compatible with the well’s environment. The packing material helps to further filter the water, trapping any remaining particles before it enters the well.

Pre-packed well screens have several advantages over other types of well screens. First, they are relatively easy to install. Unlike other types of well screens, they do not require a large amount of labor or special tools to be installed. Secondly, they are relatively low maintenance. Once the filter has been packed, it should not need to be replaced unless it becomes clogged. Finally, pre-packed well screens are relatively inexpensive compared to other types of well screens.

Pre-packed well screens can be used in many different types of wells. They are most commonly used in residential wells, where they can help to reduce the amount of sediment that enters the well. They can also be used in irrigation wells to help reduce the amount of sand and other particles that enter the irrigation system. Pre-packed well screens are also used in water supply wells to help keep out bacteria and other contaminants.

The size and type of material used to pack the well screen should be carefully chosen for each well. The size of the packing material should be small enough to prevent sand and other debris from passing through, but large enough to allow water to pass through. The type of material used should be compatible with the well’s environment. For example, gravel should not be used in a well with a high pH, as it may corrode the metal of the well screen.

Installing a pre-packed well screen requires a few basic tools and materials. A drill, drill bit, and a pump are all necessary. A level and a tape measure should also be used to ensure that the well screen is installed at the correct depth. A hammer and chisel may also be needed if the well is made of concrete.

When installing a pre-packed well screen, it is important to be aware of the local regulations and guidelines regarding the installation and use of well screens. Some localities may require that the screen be inspected or tested prior to installation. Additionally, it is important to ensure that the well screen is installed correctly and securely so that it does not become loose or fall off.

Pre-packed well screens are an important component of a well system, and can help to keep the well clean and free from contaminants. They should be carefully chosen and installed to ensure that the well is able to function properly and efficiently.

Custom Service

Pre packed wire wrapped sand control screen can be customized to catch up with your special requirement. Gravel sizes, sand coating and pack thickness are changeable according to your need. Material grades for the screen and pipe are manufactured according to API tubing or casing from stainless steel 304, 316L, 904, Alloy 825/625/C276. End fittings and threaded connections are bespoke too.

Feature & Advantages:

Outer V shaped screen is more flexible and provides more area;
Pre pack screen filters out formation sand;
Close contact with aquifer enhancing well performance;
Economical alternative to cased-hole gravel packs;
Smaller borehole;
Custom design available.


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