Steel Pipe Roof Trusses for construction

Advantages of Tubular Truss Steel Structure:

Compared with space truss structure, pipe truss structure eliminates vertical bar and space truss bottom chord node, which can meet the requirements of various architectural forms, especially arch and arbitrary curved shape construction is more advantageous than space truss structure. Its stability is different and material consumption is saved. The steel pipe truss structure is developed on the basis of lattice structure, which has its unique superiority and practicality compared with lattice structure. The steel self-weight of the structure is more economical.

Compared with traditional open section (H-steel and I-steel), the steel truss pipe truss structure section material is evenly distributed around the neutral axis, and the section has good compressive and bending bearing capacity and large stiffness at the same time. There is no node plate, the structure is simple, and the most important thing of the pipe truss structure is that it is beautiful, easy to shape and has certain decorative effect. The overall performance of the pipe truss structure is good, torsional stiffness is large, beautiful and generous, easy to make, install, flip, hoist; using cold-bent thin-walled steel pipe truss, light weight, good rigidity, save steel structure, and can fully play the advantage of material strength, especially in the control of the length ratio of compression bars and the supporting system used. The basic structures currently using this structure belong to public buildings. Structures are beautiful (flat building, round arch, arbitrary arc), easy to install, stable in structure, large roof stiffness and good economic effect.

Truss structure is a grid structure in which rods are connected at the ends, and pipe truss structure refers to the structure in which rods are round pipe rods. The axial line of the truss rod is only subjected to tension or force in most cases, and the stress distribution on the cross section is uniform, so it is easy to play the role of the material, which makes the truss structure material economical and the structure self-weight small. It is easy to form various shapes to adapt to different uses, such as simple supported beam and arch, frame and tower, etc. Therefore, many large-span truss structures have been widely used in stadium construction, such as exhibition centers, sports stadiums, or other large public buildings.

Since the cross section of truss structure is more complicated due to the intersection of rods and curves at the ends, mechanical automatic cutting and manual cutting are usually adopted in actual cutting and processing.

Compared with lattice structure, pipe truss has fewer rods and beautiful nodes, and there will be no large spherical nodes. Large-span lattice structures can be used to build various slender large-span structures. In public buildings, especially in the construction of large exhibition and sports stadiums, pipe truss structure has a wide application prospect.



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