Space pipe trusses for long-span steel structures


Space Pipe Trusses: Revolutionizing Long-Span Steel Structures


In the world of structural engineering, the demand for long-span steel structures is on the rise. These structures are used in various applications, including stadiums, exhibition halls, airports, and industrial facilities. To meet the growing need for large open spaces without the obstruction of columns, engineers have turned to innovative solutions such as space pipe trusses. In this article, we will explore the concept of space pipe trusses, their advantages, and their applications in long-span steel structures. So, let’s dive in!

What are Space Pipe Trusses?

Space pipe trusses are a type of structural system that utilizes interconnected pipes to create a lightweight and efficient framework. These trusses are designed to span long distances without the need for intermediate columns, providing a clear and unobstructed space below. The pipes used in space trusses are typically made of steel or aluminum, offering high strength and durability.

Model 1.Single slope, Double slope, Multi-slope.
2.Single span, Double-span, Multi-span, Single floor, Double floors.
Column and beam 1.Material Q345(S355JR)or Q235(S235JR) steel.
2.All bolts connecting.
3.Straight cross-section or Variable cross-section.
Fabrication Advanced Automatic Welding Machines
Quality control GB/T19001-2000—-ISO9001:2000
Surface Hot-dip galvanized or painted
Roof and wall panel 1.EPS ,PU ,Rockwool sandwich panel.
2.Single colorful corrugated steel sheet0.326~0.8mm thick, YX28-205-820(820mm wide).
3.Sandwich panel with EPS, ROCK WOOL, PU etc insulation thickness around 50mm~150mm, 950mm or 960mm width.

Advantages of Space Pipe Trusses

1. Long-Span Capability

One of the main advantages of space pipe trusses is their ability to span large distances. By utilizing the inherent strength of the interconnected pipes, these trusses can cover vast areas without the need for additional support columns. This allows for flexible and versatile use of the space below, making them ideal for stadiums, exhibition halls, and other similar structures.

2. Lightweight and Efficient

Space pipe trusses are lightweight compared to traditional steel trusses. The use of interconnected pipes reduces the overall weight of the structure while maintaining its strength and stability. This not only reduces material costs but also makes transportation and installation easier and more cost-effective.

3. Aesthetic Appeal

The unique design of space pipe trusses adds an aesthetic appeal to the structure. The interconnected pipes create an intricate and visually appealing pattern, making them a popular choice for architectural projects. Additionally, the absence of intermediate columns allows for a clean and open space, enhancing the overall aesthetics of the structure.

4. Structural Efficiency

Space pipe trusses are designed to be structurally efficient. The interconnected pipes distribute the load evenly, reducing stress concentrations and improving the overall stability of the structure. This results in a more efficient use of materials and a higher load-carrying capacity.

5. Versatile Applications

Space pipe trusses have a wide range of applications in long-span steel structures. They are commonly used in stadiums, exhibition halls, airports, industrial facilities, and other structures that require large open spaces. Their versatility allows for creative and innovative architectural designs, making them a preferred choice for modern construction projects.

Applications of Space Pipe Trusses

Space pipe trusses have found extensive applications in various industries. Some of the common applications include:

  1. Stadiums and Sports Arenas: Space pipe trusses are widely used in the construction of stadiums and sports arenas. Their long-span capability allows for unobstructed views of the playing field, providing an enhanced experience for spectators.
  2. Exhibition Halls and Convention Centers: The clear and open space provided by space pipe trusses is ideal for exhibition halls and convention centers. These structures require large open areas to accommodate exhibits, booths, and attendees.
  3. Airports and Transportation Hubs: Space pipe trusses are used in the construction of airport terminals and transportation hubs. The long-span capability allows for efficient use of space, accommodating check-in counters, waiting areas, and other facilities.
  4. Industrial Facilities: Space pipe trusses are commonly used in industrial facilities such as warehouses and manufacturing plants. The clear span provided by these trusses allows for flexible layout options and efficient use of space.
  5. Commercial Buildings: Space pipe trusses are also used in the construction of commercial buildings such as shopping malls and office complexes. The open space created by these trusses provides a modern and spacious environment for businesses and customers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1: What materials are used in space pipe trusses?

A1: Space pipe trusses are typically made of steel or aluminum pipes. These materials offer high strength and durability while keeping the structure lightweight.

Q2: How are space pipe trusses designed?

A2: Space pipe trusses are designed using advanced structural analysis and design software. Engineers consider factors such as load requirements, span length, and aesthetic preferences to create an efficient and stable truss system.

Q3: Can space pipe trusses be customized for specific architectural designs?

A3: Yes, space pipe trusses can be customized to fit specific architectural designs. The interconnected pipes can be arranged in various patterns and configurations to meet the desired aesthetic and functional requirements.

Q4: Are space pipe trusses cost-effective compared to traditional steel trusses?

A4: Yes, space pipe trusses can be cost-effective compared to traditional steel trusses. The lightweight nature of these trusses reducesthe material and transportation costs, and their efficient design allows for a higher load-carrying capacity, minimizing the need for additional support structures.

Q5: Are space pipe trusses suitable for seismic areas?

A5: Yes, space pipe trusses can be designed to withstand seismic forces. Engineers consider the specific seismic requirements of the project location and design the trusses accordingly, ensuring the safety and stability of the structure during earthquakes.


Space pipe trusses have revolutionized the construction of long-span steel structures. Their ability to span large distances without the need for intermediate columns provides architects and engineers with greater design flexibility and versatility. With their lightweight and efficient design, space pipe trusses offer numerous advantages, including cost-effectiveness, structural efficiency, and aesthetic appeal. From stadiums to exhibition halls, airports to industrial facilities, these trusses have found wide-ranging applications in various industries. As the demand for large open spaces continues to grow, space pipe trusses will undoubtedly play a crucial role in shaping the future of structural engineering.